We have a long acquaintance with this fascinating part oft he globe, having in fact spent a great part of our lives here. Above all we seek always to satisfy our clients’ travel expectations, guaranteeing quality, professionalism and the warmest of welcomes.

Our Philosophy

We cross the seemingly endless tracts of these countries mostly by four-wheel drive, in a self drive-circuit or accompanied by a bilingual driver, who in addition to doubling as on-the-spot mechanic when the need arises is first and foremost a guide par excellence with firsthand unequalled knowledge of the country.

Despite a tight organizational framework – essential in these regions – our aim is to remain as flexible as possible so as to be able to accommodate our visitors’ wishes.

The tours offered on this brochure are intended as suggestions to spark your ideas for your own travel program. We welcome your proposals.

We are seriously dedicated to preserve the local culture, environment and wild nature of these areas through our policy of low impact tourism.

Overnight Stops and Catering

In this respect we like to keep our travel offer flexible. In most areas it is possible to overnight on  “estancias” (large sheep farms or ranches) with excellent guest facilities but we also frequent hotels, vineyards and “hosterias”. In general we pre-book overnight stays with breakfast. In “estancias” or hotels these consist of a double room with private bath, whereas in refuges such as those in the Torres del Paine National Park frequently there may be only dormitories and shared bathrooms available.


Diana Lochner

Founder & General manager

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Born in 1958 in Patagonia, I spent my childhood and youth partly in Argentina and partly in Germany. I began studying Business Administration in Munich, which I then continued it in Argentina and graduated with a degree in Marketing. Sports, however, always represented the most important activity to me, being a national ski and windsurf instructor in Europe and Argentina. In Punta del Este, an exclusive beach in Uruguay, I owned a successful windsurfing school for ten years. Then, along with my business partner from Hamburg, I founded a private language institute for teaching in multinational companies. During that time we offered Europeans language trips to Argentina and Chile and to interested parties from here, trips to England, USA and Germany.

During those years I went on long trips throughout Chile and Argentina, getting to know the remotest of places, multiple hiking routes and tourist-appealing farms. Today, I live in Bariloche again, where I founded the company planning and organizing  tours for small groups or individuals throughout the whole region. Given my deep knowledge of the country and its people, and on the basis of the experience I have gained, I can satisfy all of my clients’ travel expectations, guaranteeing quality, warmth and professionalism. 

Silvia Nieto

Accounting & financial area

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Silvia was born in Buenos Aires, after finishing her studies as a graduated Physical Education teacher. But later she began to travel to Bariloche and worked as a coordinator in the ski travel agency T+D. After spending several seasons in this place, she decided to take the instructor course and got her degree 15 years ago.

She worked as the head of the children ski school in Alta Patagonia for about 7 years and also went on with winter season in Europe in Andorra and Italy. Finally she had own children and together with her husband they both decided to stay in Bariloche to do the same: offering trips in Argentina specially in Patagonia and showing the scene of this wonderful place. Actually she is one of the members of the Patagonia-Road staff, and responsible for making you comfortable, safe and at home.

Doris Klepatsch

Sales department

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Born in Upper Austria and studied languages in Graz and Montreal, she has always been appealed by nature, other countries and costumes, so she decided to dedicate her life on working abroad and travelling. After her second stay in South America, she knew that this continent should be her new home and arrived at Buenos Aires airport with not more than a backpack to seek for new horizons. Soon it turned out, that happiness cannot be found in crowded cities and she made her experience living in the Patagonian woods where she also had her baby boy, today 6 years old.

After some more adventurous years of travelling in different countries as a street artist and artisan, she responded Patagonia’s call her back and since then, lives in Bariloche, enjoying the wild nature and untouched beautiful vastness. Nowadays she is one of the members of the Patagonia-Road staff, putting in practice all her life experience.

Azul Quirno

Sales department

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Azul grew up in Buenos Aires and Montevideo.

After various trips in south Argentina, in 2006, she finally moved to Bariloche in north Patagonia. She is lifeguard but she has also worked in the hotel industry and in gastronomy as well as in health care. Being so close to all the different kind of people who dicide to visit this remote region, situated in between great lakes and mountains, she develloped an excelent ability for what each tourist might be looking for. Personally, she chose Bariloche for having her kids. Since 2018 she joined  the Patagonia Road team in the booking department. As all our collegues in the office, she loves the mountains, the nature and has a very high quality standard when it comes to organize trips and vacations for our clients all over the world.

Matias de Vedia

Logistic & operation area

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Matias was born in Bariloche, today´s mountain capital in Northern Patagonia. Being part of a family that for generations travelled Patagonia’s endless roads (back then thousands of kms on gravel road), at very early age he started travelling in his country, first taken by his father and accompanied by his six brothers and following the example years later on his own. As one of the first members to the Patagonia Road staff, he has been professionalizing his passion and developing travelling and travel-design skills in all its aspects.

Pablo Antonio Glassman

Logistic & operation area

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I have traveled Argentina as a backpacker since I was 14 years old. I studied Pharmacy at the Buenos Aires University but at 30 years of age I decided to change my life. After a visit to the Italian Alps with German friends, I fell in love with the mountains.

When I returned to Argentina, I decided that I couldn’t work in a big city any more. I decided to move to  Patagonia and I have been living in Bariloche for 20 years now. Since then I have worked in large hotels and activities related to Tourism.

Currently I work as a member of the Patagonia Road team in the booking area for Chile and Argentina, which allows me to continue traveling and getting to know each of our offered destinations.

Albin Prebisch

Tour & driver guide
(English & French)

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Born in Buenos Aires, he moved with his parents and 7 brothers and sisters to Patagonia, firstly to Rio Gallegos, than Ushuaia, San Martin de los Andes, and finally to Bariloche, where he lives today. He learned to love the mountains in his very early childhood. He graduated as a national ski and snowboard instructor, which allowed him travelling around the world. He always enraptured people he met with his stories about Argentina and Patagonia. Today he owns a snowboard school at Catedral ski area near to Bariloche. As a qualified rafting guide he is often enabled to show his clients the beauty of Patagonia

Rodolfo Longo

Tour & driver guide
(German , English, Italian)

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Born in 1955 in San Juan, his parents (Northern Italian immigrants) soon moved to Bariloche, were he was raised. As a child he began to ski, which allowed him to get in touch with the mountains very early, as an member of the local alpine club.
In 1975 he became a National ski instructor in Argentina, and two years later same in Italy, where he emigrated in 1977.
During those years he worked as a ski instructor in Argentina (Bariloche) and Italy (Corvara and Livigno) as well, finally moving to Stuttgart in 1986, where he lived for the next 15 years. He studied at the Siemens school for informatics in Munich and Essen. Today he has a profound knowledge of the German, European and Argentine idiosyncrasy, speaking perfectly German and It