Patagonia Road is a small inbound operator specializing in individual and tailor-made tours throughout Chile, Argentina and Bolivia, by designing a truly unique option to the traditional pre-packaged itineraries.


Transportation, guide and activities

Our overland trips to Patagonia (Chile & Argentina) and the vineyard tours usually involve travelling either by four-wheel drive vehicles or minibus, always accompanied by an English- or German – speaking driver (who at the same time acts as guide, mechanic if needed, and above all as an incomparable connoisseurs of the country). In general we try to keep overland daily travel times under four hours, and only rarely will it be necessary to have a whole day of travel only.

In between there is always enough time to rest, to enjoy nature, to trek on foot or horseback, to visit special sites or to undertake other excursions.
We can also organize trips that have mainly flight transportation whenever it is possible, we have some examples of these trip in our Luxury tour offer.

Overnight Stops and Catering

In this respect we like to keep our overland travel offer flexible. In most areas it is possible to overnight on “estancias” (large sheep farms or ranches) with excellent guest facilities but we also frequent hotels, vineyards and “hosterias”.

In general we pre-book overnight stays with breakfast. In “estancias” or hotels these consist of a double room with private bath, whereas in refuges such as those in the Torres del Paine National Park frequently there may be only dormitories and shared bathrooms available.

A midday picnic or packed lunch as well as restaurant dinner may be included if desired.

Argentine meals, food offered

On our overland trips you will become acquanted with the local cuisine of Argentina, Chile or Bolivia. At noon, since we are far from any restaurant possibility, we take a pic nic with us.

On the Patagonian estancias we can try the good lamb barbecues, but also tasty stews and pasta. On the other side, in Chile and Ushuaia, we can enjoy delicious fish dishes.

In case you are vegetarian, please let us know before iniciating the journey